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Our Welfare focus over the last two weeks has been change as our grade 2’s will soon be experiencing change when they become… GRADE 3’s!

We don’t always have control over the changes that are happening in our lives and that can be a little scary for some. It is okay to feel like that, but we wanted to find out what was making our grade 2’s unsure and nervous about grade 3 so we can get rid of those nerves and get excited for what’s to come! We brainstormed questions and on Thursday afternoon we had some awesome grade 3’s come and answer all of those questions and tell us about all the great things that we will get to be apart of next year. We can’t wait for next year! A big thanks for the grade 3’s that came and had a chat with us!


Nude Food!


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To help keep our school and planet beautiful, we can all help by reducing the amount of rubbish we create.

A nude food lunch – lunch without wrappers- is an initiative the Sustainability Action Team is introducing to Greenhills.

To help raise awareness and educate the school we are holding a NUDE FOOD DAY on Tuesday November 26th  

On this day we ask all parents to help their children pack a nude food lunch.

The Sustainability Action Team will then be collecting and auditing lunch rubbish as a part of our research on sustainability.

The Top 3 classes, with the least rubbish, will receive an exclusive Ga Ga Pit session.

For more information about how to pack a Nude Food Lunch please click on the link below and remember to mark this day in your diary!


Many Thanks, we look forward to auditing as little rubbish as possible.

From The 5/6 Sustainability Action Team.


RAMP Open Afternoon


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Dear Parents,

Over the last two week the children have been participating in a whole school maths project, better known as RAMP. The grade 2’s became secret agents and had to participate in secret spy missions. Firstly they had to collect data to inform their decision of what would be a GREAT structure to build at Greenhills. Their next step was to map out the school and work out a good place for the structure to be built. Following this they had to do a costing by working out either the perimeter, area or volume or all. This then gave them the information necessary to use the Super Spy Catalogue to worked out what the structure would cost to build and then up keep. The children were really excited about the work they did, and it was great to see so many parents come to the open afternoon so the children could share what they have been doing. Well done Grade Two Super Spies on completing your mission so successfully!!

Grade 2 Team


Inquiry Display- Back To The Future!


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Dear Families,

Wow, what a crazy busy (but super fun) day the Grade 2’s had on Friday with their Inquiry presentation, BBQ evening and sleepover!!!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm, your feedback and positive vibes on the day were greatly appreciated!

On Friday afternoon, the Grade 2’s were so very proud to present their Inquiry findings to those who were able to come along. This was the very first time we had done anything like this, and it was FABULOUS! The students did such an amazing job showing family members around our silent gallery, and the feedback was nothing but positive!

See below for pics of the afternoon. For those unable to attend (and we totally understand that school hours do not always suit), please note that your child’s QR codes will be coming home in their portfolios later this year, for you to be able to scan and share with your children at home.

Thanks again,

The Grade 2 Team

Sleepover- Oh What A Night!!!


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What a night we had in Grade 2 Land on Friday night! Our very first Grade 2 sleepover, whoop whoop!!!

We would like to say a very BIG thank you to all of our wonderful Grade 2 students. Your behaviour was outstanding, your manners impeccable and you were an absolute delight and pleasure to look after throughout the night.

Our Friday night saw the Grade 1-2’s enjoying some time together at school, where we shared activities such as sorts on the oval, bubble blowing, chalk drawing, a scavenger hunt, and lots more. After aa yummy BBQ dinner cooked by our own Mr Penson, we said goodbye to the Grade 1’s and began our Grade 2 sleepover!

During the night we watched movies, had a late night snack, had torch wars in the dark, went on moonlight voyages to the bathrooms and brushed our teeth under the stars!

We would like to also send out a HUGE thank you to those family members who were generous enough to give up their time cooking pancakes at home for an entire Grade 2 cohort of hungry children, as well as come to school early in the morning to serve up breakfast. Your help was GREATLY appreciated!!!

If you have any feedback about the sleepover that would help us to plan them in the future, please feel free to email them to your child’s teacher.

Well done kids, you were FANTASTIC!!! We hope you had LOADS of FUN!

The Grade 2 Team



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Over the past few weeks, 5 Grade 2’s from each class have been working with Mrs Watts on debating. They have applied skills learned during our Term 3 persuasive writing unit as well as learning the structure and purpose of a debate. This was an opportunity for the group to extend their writing skills but also a chance to develop their public speaking skills. Yesterday our debaters presented their arguments in front of the grade 2’s.

Congratulations to all of the students who were involved!




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To Our Families,

Just to let you know that we are all happy, fed and settled!!!

We had a fantastic fun time at the BBQ and are now happily watching a movie in our rooms.

We all hope you have a great night, because we are!!!

Love The Grade 2’s (the BEST Grade 2’s EVER!!!)



Fractions Sizzling Start


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Dear Families,

This week saw the Grade 3-4 students visiting ‘Grade 2 Land’ to present a Fractions sizzling starter for us.

We had SO MUCH fun playing and learning by using the games that our 3-4 friends had designed, made and shown us how to use.

This Term in Maths we will be furthering our understanding of fractions and this has definitely got us feeling enthusiastic and curious about the unit.

At Greenhills we LOVE learning from other grade levels and this was a perfect example of how peer teaching can not only be a learning experience but also awesome FUN!


BBQ still on!!!


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Dear Families,

 Just a quick note about Friday’s BBQ… While we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine today, unfortunately Friday’s forecast is not as great!

BUT fear not, the BBQ will definitely still go ahead (whoop whoop!!!).

If the weather is fine, we will be outside enjoying outdoor fun and activities.

However, if the weather is wet or too cold to be outdoors, we will move the evening indoors and have lots of fun games, disco etc. inside.

So please keep it on the calendar, no matter what the weather!!!

Cheers and looking forward to a FAB night,

The Grade 1-2 Team





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This week in grade 2 we started our time unit in applied maths. Each class and student were practicing different skills, depending on their needs. We also had a go at setting a goal to work towards, reflecting of each of the ‘can’ statements and thinking about whether we know this skill. We had three options to tick:

1. We can teach someone else this skill (that means that we know it really well!)

2. We know it, but we need practice

3. We need to be taught this

We then reflected on the statements that we ‘need to practice’ or ‘need to be taught’ and chose one as our goal to work on for the next couple of weeks. We are super excited to get ‘hands on’ with our clocks and ‘tick’ off our goals and can statements!


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